Our services focus on maters relating to micro-suction ear cleaning & ear health. 


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Micro-suction ear cleaning

Micro-suction ear cleaning involves cleaning with a tiny  suction tube under a direct and magnified view.  As micro-suction does not flush water 'blindly' into the ear canal & the ear is viewed under magnification throughout the cleaning process. Microsuction is widely recognized as safer, gentler, more precise and more effective than water based ear cleaning methods. It is the same method favoured by many Ear Nose & Throat Specialists.  

Manual wax removal

Uncommonly micro-suction is not the preferred ear cleaning approach, for example some people with bothersome tinnitus or hyper-acusis may prefer a quieter  ear cleaning method.      

As an alternative manual ear cleaning is offered whereby the ear is cleaned using one or more specialized instruments.  Importantly, we still clean the ear under a direct and magnified view.  

In practice best results are often achieved using a  combination of micro-suction and manual ear cleaning.